UDS Elects First Female SRC President

For the first time in the history of UDS [specifically UDS Nyankpala campus] a female has been duly elected by the student populace to represent them as the President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

The presidential run-off election which took place today in the Nyankpala Campus, had earlier been postponed from March 29 to further notice due to an injunction put on it from by the Tamale High Court in pursuance of a petition by one Mr. Abubakari Abdul-Halim who aspired for the General Secretary position. The petition challenged the credibility of the voters’ register as some people did not find their names in the register, thus, unable to vote.

The newly elected President, Zeinab Mohammed Denderi, had in the first election, lead the race, defeating four other candidates. She made it to the run off with John Bosco.

Meanwhile, as the two were seriously seeking the support of the students, there was whole lots of discussions on who wins. Zeinab seemed to have gotten the support of almost the entire females on campus and other males.

“The SRC President Elect had a total of 761 votes representing 50.3% of the total valid votes cast while her contender had a total of 751 votes, representing 49.7% of the total valid votes cast . She therefore won with a total of 10 votes.”

The Nyankpala Campus of UDS has been in existence for about 26 years now, however, there has never been in record, a female president at the SRC. Zeinab has therefore today, April 11, 2019, set a record in the University’s history as well as a great revolution for the entire student populace and women involvement in leadership.

Most of the students are anticipating a better SRC since there hasn’t been a better SRC for the past five years or more. The president elect, also has so many leadership experience and involvement in advocacy, youth volunteering, activism, among others. She has worked and served several youth leadership positions. Students are therefore confident that, she will deliver.

Story by : Abdul Hakim Genius

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