No Hope For Suicide [Article]

The recent suicide committed by the UDS student has caused a heavy heart and of course a signaling for the youth to be more circumspect in their social life. In as much as one thinks about this young man’s death, the question still remains, what might have caused him to take his own life.

It is a fact that we can’t be truly happy in live as humans, but that should not make us harbour negative thought about our lives. Life is a precious gift that has no spare. You can’t love your life and still want to end it, what could be the problem?

Problems are meant to be solved, not to make us quit and to end one’s life. No one is free from it, not even the most influential and wealthy people in our society, or the saint you know.

It is essential to be able to endure pressure. Though sometimes pressure in life can easily weigh you down to an extent that one would of truncate his/her life. Too much pressure do make a lot of us angry, make us sad or simply overtime knock you out cold with a burnout. Most often than not, you live in someone’s misfortune which their deeds, their detachment, and their rejection affect you. Can you imagine what despair you will be in, if you have such thought at the last moment of your life. Don’t live for anybody.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed if you’re going through a tough time and sometimes it can feel like things will never get back on track. If you’re thinking of suicide because you can’t think of any other way out, you should be mindful that suicidal thought are only thoughts. Thinking about suicide doesn’t mean you have to act on it. No!

We must challenge our thoughts especially we the students. Amidst this dilemma there is always a way as Lois Lowry stated in her book titled, the Giver. ” We’re used to living in this world, but if we could only see, it’s like a net closing in on us. We need to find where the net is torn, otherwise we’ll never escape”. Since then I’ve been looking for someone who has already made it out and can show us the way.

There are so many personalities running in us, competing for just this one body in the midst of the internal and external forces. Yes people have made it out and have shown us ways. Let’s live a good life.

The keys to the miracle of life lies in our own consciousness.
May the soul of our brother rest in peace!

Suicide isn’t an option

By: Adam Zakaria, third year Community Nutrition Student, UDS

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