Come Clear On The Teacher Trainees  licensure Examination Or Face Our Wrath- TEIN to Government 

Our voices have been undermined for long as future leader mentors some day to come but when the sleeping dog is triggered to a hot temper, bones on the road might not find it easy.  We’re out with much dismay and displeasure on this rush to impose licensure of the newly trained teachers who in due time should be posted to render service for mother Ghana. We trainees of the Tamale College of Education from the NDC fraternity come out clear to take this deceptive government on, per this licensure initiative having its genesis on the newly trained teachers.  

This initiative we think is a rush and jumpy. The National Teaching Council (NTC), a respected stakeholder of the forty six (46) colleges nationwide should revisit this decision and come out clear for we’re in wilderness.  Information reaching us is that,  the licensure examination is intentionally imposed to slaughter the cattle for the following reasons;         

 a.Standardize the teaching profession.           

b.To cut down the number of the newly trained teachers for posting.   

If this already hailed deceptive elephant government is trying to bulldoze their way out with this licensure examination, then we’re afraid some of us can’t sit back watch this happen. The magnanimous John Mahama government had good policies for teacher trainees but  we ignored Jesus for Barnabas.Indeed the restoration of the allowance is a curse and not a blessing. Sacrificing a lifetime salary for a peanut is the nick name of this excrutiated restoration. Interestingly,  trainees from the ruling government’s student wing,  TESCON, are also solidly against such an awkward initiative.                  

This particular initiative should be halted by the government as a matter of urgency. Trying to impose this initiative on the newly trained teachers by hook or crook  makes it lucid that,  it wouldn’t survive time. What the National Teaching Council (NTC) should know is that, you definitely can not make a forest the very year you plant trees. 

This batch of fresh teachers are with minimum professional values in the teaching field hence it’s very obvious they might not perform as expected in this examination. Assessing the professional skills of a fresh teacher who has never singularly handled a class is never the best way of obtaining a comprehensive information of him or her.                                           

 The Ministry of Education should as a matter of fact come out to place a voice on this clueless licensure policy since the National Teacher Council(NTC) is a ramification of it.  

Undoubtedly, we’re more than angry and might advice ourselves should the government remain mute on this or go an extra mile to implement it. How on earth can a newly posted teacher administer a class test to a set of students without guidelines as to how to go by it? That is the case with this licensure examination where the newly trained teachers are expected to write an examination without any learning Material as guide. Indirectly these newly trained teachers are sighed to do same when posted since it isn’t necessary to have a learning material as a forefront of an examination.               

If the National Teaching Council (NTC) are claiming the licensure is to standardize the teaching diaspora, then it is crystal clear that, those already in the field are not standard and professional.                   

We think the presidency should caution the stakeholders of this immature initiative on a haste to be implemented. 

Our breaking voice here is, if the going gets tough,  the tough will surely get going. The government should act now or get ready to face rage.                                       





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Issued by;                                       Fuseini Inusah Akonsi (president- 0546500834)                     

 Abubakari Ibrahim (Veep- 0544088244)         Alhassan Yahaya (Gen. Sec- 0545481725)                  Alhassan Rashida (WOCOM-0555374226)                                             Bawa Suglo Jamila (Dep. Wocom- 0551728965)

Mohammed A. Sadik (Organizer- 0246136818) 

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