SRC Elections In TACE:Yesterday And Today – A Piece By Akonsi 

  ‘And there was total silence after SRC elections last year’

Good day colleague students of the best college of education in Ghana.  Masha Allah I’m optimistic we’re all doing good. Indeed an old banana tree is about falling hence there is a need for a fresh one to be replaced. Yet again, we have been embraced with  SRC elections where we’re to go to the polls to elect another crop of leaders for the next academic year,  how time flies. It’s worth noting that , this year’s episode has a shift in facial view as candidates seem to have been enthused to challenge the status quo. The first time a feminine gender has a name on the SRC PRESIDENT HOPEFULS list.

Moving on, I must admit that, this year’s elections wouldn’t and can’t merge with that of last year when the group of morphemes “COMPETITION” comes to mind. 

Last years’ was more than keen because a good number of students had lost hope in the SR Council with the notion that, it had deviated totally from its basic responsibilities. This particular perception on the part of the student body called for a collective acceptance on endorsing a competent presidential aspirant to fix what was broken. As to whether the right person was voted, let’s leave posterity to append its judgement. 

Fast forward, it’s another time for another fresh intellectuals to battle out for the various SRC portfolios. Over the years, most students have lost hope in the SRC shown through the apathy in patronizing the council’s programs.

Colleague students, for hope to be restored in the SRC, tribalism as well as religious affiliation loyalty should become opaque in our student politics. These factors have huge influence on the SRC POLITICAL DYNAMICS hence some incompetent aspirants take advantage of this to push their agenda depending on where the strength is gathered.It can’t be denied that, in the last two elections, voting was heavily determined by ethnic and religious loyalties rather than the political and intellectual integrity of the aspirants.

We can tickle ourselves and start giggling or pretend like ostriches,  when we’re bedevilled with the pungent stench of tribalism in our student leadership.I’m with a huge believe that, with a Corby antic effort of reasoning and a clear acceptance of competence, tribalism would become a mirage in our student politics.

Going forward,  what I have for the aspirants for this years’ elections is that, the battle is always the Lord’s,  we the humans are just to append the decision of God. Bare in mind,  you would encounter obstacles but then how you handle these challenges would indicate your passion and zeal for the position you’re vying for. Never be afraid to loose, have political hearts for this happens to be the genesis of your political lives. Always remember that, every step you take may not necessarily provide the expected outcome but it shouldn’t deter you from moving forward.

To my fellow electorates, let’s give rupt attention to our respective aspirants especially those for the presidential and WOCOM slots. Let’s be keen on humility, competency, good policies and human relationship of the aspirants.

Together, we can right the wrongs to move the SR Council to the next pedestal.


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