Meet Madam Fatimah: The Brains Behind Nayzee Creations 

​Fatima Ibrahim , an entrepreneur from Kumasi who has a brand, named Nayzee Creations. she attended labone shs, then moved to knust for her first degree in Integrated  Rural Art and Industry.

She later studied for  her diploma in education  at University of Education Winneba  and is currently pursuing her mphil in Art Education at knust . she is also a consultant for Rural enterprise.  

Nayzee creations is a brand that produces handmade products such as bags, slipper, wall hangings, laptop sleeve in macrame. 

MACRAME is an art of knotting with the hand without the use of gagdets. Its an old form of art but hasn’t been used in recent years. 

“With the little knowledge I had in school ( KNUST) about Macrame, i developed a lot of interest in knotting. I did a lot of research about macramé. Often times my friends called me macramé mama or Zaara knot.”

“I had so much passion in macrame that I decided to do my final year project in macramé and office décor”

“After school, I decided to continue making items in macramé. I would stay up night and work and develop on some ideas I wanted to build on”-Madam Fatimah Ibrahim said 

Currently, Fatimah  has trained over 50 people ( individuals  and organisation) some of whom are doing very well in the business by also making beautiful macramé bags,slippers,keyholders, etc

Not only does she train in macramé, she teaches how to make fabric accessories, tye and dye and wants to go into sewing in a year’s time to expand the training project

Fatima is an enterprising lady who seeks to help the youth and create job avenues for the creative industry

She’s looking forward to launching a book on knotting macrame soon and having an online course for those who have attended the training to help them to gain more knowledge in the area soon, by writting a book on how to knot in macramé and other areas to those who cannot afford to join the training tour in and around the country. 

She has a facebook page (Nayzee creations), instagram page (nayzee_creations) and is looking forward to getting a contract to help train the youth OUTSIDE and INSIDE Ghana. 

She is going to embark on a nationwide tour to benefit all. Her aim is to eventually to make Nayzee Creations develop into a vocational institute under which it would be a banner for the youth to flourish with  creativity and skills acquired therefrom 

“It’s not just about the thread, there are people who have the ability to make unique products with the knotting techniques
I want to empower at least two young people from every household and change their lives

Therefore am looking for a great opportunity to organize a 2-week nation wide tour to train interested people who are willing to create something unique to benefit the community and the country at large

I hope to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship. I believe in building the youth though enterprise which is why we are taking a nation wide tour

We started in 2009 and the brand  is growing”-Madam Fatimah concluded. 

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