Inaugural Speech Of Seth Duodu:SRC President Of UDS Wa Campus 2018/19 Academic Year 

Mr. Chairman; Dean of students, The College Principal, Vice Dean of Students Affairs, Out gone SRC/NUGS Executives, The Judicial board chair, Current SRC/NUGS Executives, Honorable Members of this August house, Fellow students, My Awesome brother ; Mr. Michael Kwame Ketui, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, all protocol observed, I am grateful to almighty God for this day “ they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up like eagles…” Isaiah 40:31. Indeed the lord is good and his mercies endures forever. The lord has been good to us and we have every cause to rejoice today. I therefore salute you all for your presence.

Mr. Chairman, Vice- Dean of Students Affairs, Is about two months ago when students stood in long Queue to elect their leaders in one of the undoubtedly well-organized elections in the history of UDS Wa-campus. An outcome that has necessitated our gathering here today. I, on behalf of the elected executives for the 2018/2019 academic year express our profound gratitude to the students populace for the confidence they have reposed in our abilities and we assure them we will work  assiduously to meet their demands.

Mr. Chairman, SRC has over the years done tremendously well  and I salute the efforts of the following Former Presidents, Mohammed L.A Jarah, Nicholas Amoah, Bernard Amoh, Alswel Annum, Abdul-Majeed Mohammed , Alkan Awudu Kanton and all other past SRC Presidents. And let me quickly recognise the following both past and present Students Activists, Domfeh Emmanuel, Reindolf Amankwaa, Efo Sammy, Ameano Philip,Normanyo Ezuke Amlima , Bra Qwame, among others. Indeed, their achievements for students worth celebrating.

That notwithstanding, Mr. Chairman, let me state without any shred of doubt and fear that over the years students’ faith in the power of the SRC has diminished and it keeps on diminishing. Students feel the SRC is not living to the true meaning of its purpose. Students have over the years been subjected to depression, trauma and intimidation.

However, elected officials seem to put in little efforts to push the agenda of students. But, I believe our massive endorsement would rejuvenate the spirit of students’ activism. As of now, the financial assets of SRC is unsound but His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo maintained and I quote _“we received the overwhelming victory not to complain but to fix what’s broken_

Fellow students, the time for super star and celebrity SRC members has come to an end. Elected representatives are elected to serve and that’s it, we are nothing but the servants of students. Our stewardship should be seen and felt by Students who have elected us into this accountable office. Hence, We owe it a duty and a responsibility to serve with diligence and integrity. Ahead of us lies the task of uniting every shade of this University around the beautiful ray that’s risen on the horizon.

Fellow Students, The Students Representative Council cannot continue being a toothless bulldog whilst the students of this Institution are subjected to injustice, maladministration, and depression. It is not the making of students that things are done the way they are, and students should not be the recipients thereof. I call on the Good People of UDS-Wa campus to reason with those they have entrusted their power into, to secure a better institution worth embracing. The SRC has gone a long way and we have a longer than expected way to go and that journey must start now.

Mr. Chairman, my Fellow Executives and I have signed a social contract with the discerning students of this great institution and therefore the Seth-led SRC administration would be anchored on building a formidable, independent and a corruption free SRC that has students welfare as a paramount concern. Our “Adwenpa” policies and interventions on which we were given the mandate are well thought out and we have no iota of doubt that we will deliver to the maximum capacity of our abilities.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fully aware of the high expectations of students and therefore putting ourselves in a position never to disappoint . We have been disappointed before, hence we must not have any excuse to disappoint. The workload is lugubrious so I am ready to work with the crop of selfless, committed, vibrant, creative brains and the will to serve without intimidating Executives of SRC, NUGS, Halls, Departments and Societies to collectively promote the welfare of Students. We shall therefore make our offices opened to accommodate all criticisms and inputs that will make our administration a better and productive one.

Mr. chairman, I acknowledge the efforts and massive contributions of all members of the “MODERN ALLIANCE STUDENTS PARTY” , my able running mate now vice president Miss Emmaculate Amurikukor Awelana and the Men of God that fast and prayed to make this possible. We made it ,   I say may the good Lord bless you all and replenish anything you have lost as a result. I am most grateful.

Mr. Chairman, fellow Executives, ladies and gentlemen, let me reassure the Students populace of our commitment to continue every project the past SRC administrations started in the interest of the students and notable among them is completing the police  post on campus which was started by my predecessor that we intend to finish before the end of the first trimester. Our administration and subsequent administrations must be built on continuity to ensure the realisation of the SRC’s vision. There is work to do and not just a position to occupy. We also solicit the maximum support of the Management of the University as we strive to push the students’ agenda forward. Every student has a role to play to achieve this dream. Barack Obama once said _“ Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. we are the ones we have been waiting for ,we are the change that we seek. The time is now!! .There’s more to life than you know and it’s all happening out there. Discover what part you can play and then go for it.”_ The struggle continues, victory is certainly assured.

Mr chairman, as our  slogan goes “a new day “ is indeed going to be a new day on campus, a new day full of new happenings and developments, a New day where students will get value for their votes,a new day where the gap between lectures and students will be bridged, is a new day so let’s all be glad and rejoice in it. Colleague students of our great institution, stay calm and enjoy the paradigm shift about to hit campus. 

Thank you.


Long live UDS

Long live Mother Ghana.”

[this speech was delivered on the 29th of May, 2018 at the handing over ceremony of the SRC/NUGS Executives of UDS Wa Campus.]

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