UDS Sacks 18 Final Year Students

UDS Sacks 18 final Year Students

UDS Sacks 18 final Year Students

The Registrar of UDS, Dr. A.B.T Zakariah in a letter dated the 22 of May, 2018 ordered the withdrawal of eighteen final year students of the University For Development Studies- Tamale Campus for not possessing the qualifications by virtue of which they were offered admission”. This decision was made after the institution probed into results from the West African Examination Council.

Letter Of Withdrawal
Letter Of Withdrawal

Thirteen Nursing students, three Community Nutrition students, a Midwifery student and a Health Science student have been withdrawn from the institution per the list released by the office of the Registrar.

List of Sacked Students
List of Sacked Students

The news came as a shock to students as these particular students are almost done with their four years stay on campus, working on their projects and preparing to graduate.

The concerns many students are raising are with regards to why the University conducts the verification prior to graduation and not before admissions are given out.

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  • I think it will be better if the students are withdrawn in level 100 than their final year because is very painful and is a waste of time and resources.thank you

  • I think the administrators of UDS should make an arrangement for students with fake qualifications to be withdrawn in level 100 cos this way, many of them would become “useless” because its very painful. I just hope the continuing students in this category of people would learn their lessons.

  • This isn’t fair in sense that verification must be done before students are given admission.

  • this can only happen in Ghana were u withdraw a student on this case oh hmm sorry to the students
    They must take this issue to court.

  • Those shenanigan attitude of students must end cos is very painful to be withdrawn in final year.

  • Though the sacked students are guilty the university for development studies should make an arrangement for them to at least get something home. The parents will be hurt upon hearing this news. For these students to be responsible, the s school should organize counselling for them.

  • A plea to the University for some consideration for the students in fact final year and you are suspended it’s very painful. thanks

  • I think the administration should investigate for fake qualifications the moments students are admitted in level 100 to prevent situations like this from occurring. Going to school for years and been sacked in your final year is too painful for a student to handle.

  • Its a shame to the university, but am sure that if the said students takes the sch to court for redress , they will either be compensated or allowed to make it up and graduate. The school should be held responsible for not verifying every certificate before giving them admission at the first place. Foreign schools will only ask for certificate number and they will go behind to verify and confirm it before giving you admission. They should consider taking it to court because its going to change their lives upside down.

  • The university should allow them take something home.it’s too painful for them to waste their resources for four years jux for nothing.Results should be checked before admissions are given.These same university gave the students admission and are now claiming the came with fake results.The students deserve something,a plea to the university.

  • At this crucial moment it isnt fair but there is a missing link here, y would u apply with a fake result in the first place when u know deep down in ur heart u are not qualified?
    I think we must be objective when criticising issues and not only at an angle that favours us as students.

  • And these same students comes out as graduate nurses or health professionals. If they can fake results, they can fake a patient health condition. It serves them right… It’s should serve as a lesson. But they should try and do the verification either level 100 or 200.

  • This serious, from level 100 they weren’t identified.Bad system

  • They knew dey had a fake results why did they apply,dey want to steal the university,probably their friends had use the same fake results to pass true their first degrees that s why they also want to try.They are not lucky

  • Oops! This is nothing but an eyebrow raised act. The administration has done a super great job but the timing isn’t worthwhile, per the resources invested through out an almost four year stay on campus by the victims.

    I think an early probe of students WAEC results during moments of admission will do the institution and it’s students good. Hence will help deter students from being terrorist to the institution at the same time.

  • I dont have any problem with their withdrawal if it was genuinely done. Why should you forge a certificate in order to excel in academics. This is not done only by students, even lecturers forge certificates nowadays and come to class to be lecturing what they do not know about. Recently a lecturer was sacked from Wa Campus of UDS for possessing fake certificate. This cannot be condone in any civilised country. Kudos UDS management. Well done

  • I think the administration is right. Why must they attempt with fake certificates ??? In my thinking, i may say the administration knew their fake results right from level 100 and they wanted to take these future actions. Next time they may get sense. We have to know fake is forever fake and nothing else… Thank you

  • It isn’t fair as they’re almost done .. results should be well checked by the university before admission …blame shouldn’t be directed to these students alone for taking fake results to school but UDS should equally be blamed for its incompetence in checking results before giving admission …
    what then do they expect these students to do ..if not to be a threat to society .this matter should be taken to court …

  • If these students try to secure a law suit against the University, they should be jailed without any interrogation on whatsoever! Some students struggled to make their Cs so they could make it to the University, and these ones wanted to play the “Jack where are you” with the University – the beacon of development! They faked the grades, and we faked their admission! It serves them right!!!

  • Himmm,why will you also want to outsmart a university? They could have sat for remedials to get the desirable grades before applying.it is a warning to all those who think they have short cuts.no easy way to success. Even though I share their pain I condem their act.uds is a university with integrity and would not condone wrong doing.

  • UDS at it again. What are they now telling those people to go home and do?
    But why bother if they’ve been able to pass all their exams in UDS up to level 400? What difference does it make if they came with fake results but are passing your exams. I think these students should be reconsidered. The issue of their wassce results being fake shd be overlooked, especially once they’ve gotten to final year.
    So none of those students can’t sue the school????

  • Relax bro it a punishment they are all thief they have to go to prison

  • They can drag the school to court if they have genuine results. Short cut to success is a disaster. It serves them right. Those ppl would have come out speaking big grammar if weren’t caught.

  • It’s rather very unfortunate this is happening to these final year project students but In my own opinion I think the blame is a shared one on both the School and the students.
    Cos I believe UDS as an Institution has a laid down procedure that very applicant must go through before admitted. So who failed to do his job and at what point did the University realize these students entered inn with fake results or documents. After all the resources parents have pump into their wards education, something needs to done for these students.

  • Who cause ham?

  • The students be arrested and prosecuted. They nursing students and they would have come out to kill people. It serves them right. They should go home and people with similar minds will learn from their bitter experience.

  • Hmmmm, this is really serious, withdrawing students in their final year, these students committed a criminal act by applying with fake or false results but like it is said, two wrongs doesn’t make a right, I think the University for Development Studies is also at fault for not verifying the results of students when they apply before admitting them, and even so they could not detect this malfaction till their final year.
    Going into the future the University should treat such cases with the needed urgency so as not to frustrate and shock both parents and students if not to completely shutter their dreams and lives.

  • Its a sad moment, but that’s how it’s done.candidate applying for admission should do away with fake result and protocol issues to prevent such incidents .

  • These students should be taken through thorough counselling in order to avoid unfortunate incidence from occuring.

  • This are the stupid things the tertiary institutions do. This same thing happened to my junior brother in his 2nd year at UMAT. This is pathetic. How can u waste the lives of these people. In fact I’m very much embarrassed in GH education. I suggest the student Sue’s them. Cos if they didn’t provide the results needed for admission ,then in the first place y should they gain admission.

  • In a respectful manner the students should take it easy and accept defeat because know one can not cheap the nature of educational system this days.
    It is universal.
    By the way there is no soup without salt, so my good brothers and sister be careful about the certificate that we presented for further study.

  • Why couldn’t the university verify this and sack these students as they were starting from level 100?
    Does this means since they were admitted, it is now they school is making enquiries about their informations and results?
    This is painful and a waste of time as well.
    Anyway,how could you apply with fake results though?
    It will serve as a sign of warning to those who always want to corrupt the system.

  • This is a broad day robbery, I think the registrar and for that matter the authority in charge are only interested in the school fees (money) from the poor students in question. How long should it take the authority right from application through admission into level 100, 200, to 400. To investigate students result? Fine, if they have not qualify to merit their certificates, their school fees should be refunded to them.
    Its only Ghana here that people who think they had some opportunity to occupy certain positions can misbehave to this extent.
    Not only UDS, almost all the tertiary institutions across the country. And nobody got the sense to talk about it. All they know is corruption, greed and selfish interest.

  • Please let’s not put all the blamed on the institution alone but such students too,they also did a criminal case by faking results,a friend of my is a victim,though he was been advise but he never listen,so is a deterrent to those who aiming of following this step

  • Since they have been able to run through the admission process successfully and have undergone a 4-year at the University as required, i think it is unfair to withdraw them in this manner. Legally it would be viewed as UDS has failed to do its work properly and the students shouldn’t be victims of such a mistake.
    If at all, that verification should have been done before they were matriculated. It is implied that any student who have been admitted has certified the University’s entry requirements.

    Also, sacking these students after successfully completing the course is an attack to sustainable development and an indication that the GES’s mode of assessing students is not standard . The students could not meet the entry requirements because they might have performed poorly on their WASCE records. But they have been able to pass all UDS course throughout 4 years. What at all do we want in Ghana? Are we using our Education as a form of gambling? Such that we just judge students based on simply failing a final exam? They should not forget that sometimes “conditions may be the eneny of ability. “

  • On a humane face, I feel pity for them but knowing very well that you faked results, it doesn’t matter when you are sacked. It will serve as deterrent to those who shall be tempted to use fake results.

  • That is a lesson to students who want to use fake results to gain admission. It serve them right, it will be a deterrent to those who want to used the same fraudulent means to go to school. Fools

  • Such students should also know is a criminal case of faking results in the country ,my brother

  • Being a student of this same institution, I believed the right decision has been taken by the university. The question is are their results fake or not? If they are fake why should they used it to apply? Are they not aware of the consequences? The university has the right to deal with them at their own convenient time. These students even needs to be prosecuted. Let’s be realistic about issues of this nature. Intact, it would serve as a deterrent others………. My humble opinion.

  • Being a student of this same institution, I believed the right decision has been taken by the university. The question is are their results fake or not? If they are fake why should they used it to apply? Are they not aware of the consequences? The university has the right to deal with them at their own convenient time. These students even needs to be prosecuted. Let’s be realistic about issues of this nature. Intact, it would serve as a deterrent others………. My humble opinion.

  • y should a person forge result to gain admission? I think withdrawing them in the final year is appropriate

  • What the registrar did was a heart broken thing, but my concern here is why would they present a fake result and moreover the school made it clear that if u present a false information about yourself you will be withdrawn from the school.

  • This is a daylight robbery, how long should it take the whole registrar and other officers involved to verify this from Waec right from application through admission into level 100.
    They are just interested in extorting school fees (money) from the stranded and poor students who toil to pay fees and fend for themselves in campus. God is watching?
    Not only in UDS, its across most of the tertiary institutions in Ghana, and everybody seems to keep quite.
    They are only interested in corruption, greed and selfishness .
    God will ask and pay them in their own coin for stealing from the poor students should these students life get destroyed.
    Gross incompetence at it peek

  • The students have the right to sue the school because,Why didn’t you verify their results before admitting them.First you’ve wasted their time and their money aswell.

  • Students are advised to submit true and accurate information when they are filling out the admission forms. We are almost certain they are operating from this stand point.

  • It will be better for the school to do the verification before admitting students. This will help prevent waste of time and resources. It will also prevent students from applying with fake results.

  • This is very irresponsible and reckless decision by management of the university. I thought universities are autonomous institutions with authority to award/confer academic qualifications on students who they deem fit. Qualifications may be awarded for various reasons: selfless service to community, academic achievement, sports, etc. I believe these students may not have entirely failed, but may be a subject or two, so why can’t the management of the institution negotiate with these students based on their good performance so far to go back and resit these failed wassce papers and come back and graduate? These students have paid admission fees even including protocol fees to the same lecturers and management who have also decided their fate. Are we sending them home to go and commit suicide or crime? Come on… The university should refund every pesewa they have paid to the institution

  • So if they are said not to have the required qualifications who then gave them the admission in to the university?

  • Why will you apply with fake results in the first place???

  • In fact the Newton’s third law of motion and the law of Karma can Never be violated!!!…at least not in this present world.

  • I have a suspicion that the school know those who have the apt qualification but for those without they give them admission just for the fees they going to pay so they make more money for their own pockets . Both parties are at fault . I suggest those who have done same as this defaulters should taking caution not to experience the same plight

  • The question is … How did they get into the system with such results.
    management must be interrogated! Beside,
    If any of these students happen to do anything to his/her life the school management should be held responsible.

  • Does it really matter when this criminals are sacked? In any case you were informed during your application process that you if you provide any false information, you will be withdrawn.

    These 18 students denied 18 genuine students with the opportunity to be admitted. I know the university does several forms of background checks on every student and a single criterion check is not enough to confirm that their credentials are fake and there may take longer time.

    The question is do they deserve the punishment whether early or late? It’s a big YES.

  • Does it really matter when this criminals are sacked? In any case you were informed during your application process that you if you provide any false information, you will be withdrawn.

    These 18 students denied 18 genuine students with the opportunity to be admitted. I know the university does several forms of background checks on every student and a single criterion check is not enough to confirm that their credentials are fake and therefore may take longer time.

    The question is do they deserve the punishment whether early or late? It’s a big YES.

  • Well, the decision taking my the registrar is clear and brilliant. Obviously, it’s blatantly clear not to forge result and if you do so you will be sacked. The students must be arrested because the’v violated the rules of the institution and also against the laws of the country. They could have taken the result to different school if the verification was done before admission. The school planed to waste their time as a sign of disdain. The school made it clear to them prior to the admission and Jesus will come but who knows when Jesus will come. Withdrawal is withdrawal. They should learn sense and stop forging papers. You get what you want. Good decision.

  • It would have been good to say pardon each and every student at this prior moment, but one thing is to the other. Stated beneath every admission form is the caution which says provide vivid information and anything you do contrary to the qualification is at you own cause. So why then should they be allowed to graduate when they have firstly broken or tempered with the admission rules of the school.

  • It painful though but i think is a good way of punishing fraudsters. Why do you have to apply with fake result. It will serve as deterrent to others.

  • The verification of students applicant should be done before the release of admission letters but not at the time students are in their final year. The students should be allowed to complete school that is my suggestion. Again, On what did the school based on to choose qualified applicants into the school.

  • The uds is not fair, why don’t you sack these students in first year. That is a sign of poor management of our uds.
    My worry is that, these sacked students Will be a serious threat to society; they will become armed robbers and prostitutes in our land. UDS have to considere them by allowing them to finish their project work and have certificates, then you hold them for a genuine WASSCE results before they have their certificates.
    Because both the university and the students are seriously corrupt. Is a shame for the whole world to hear this, let’s make it silent.

  • It’s sad tho.! But I think they should be allowed to go better their grades and come continue from where they stop. And afterwards results should be checked during the first to second year of student stay on campus. UDS stress it’s not easy to let go like that.

  • Vry sad, demoralized to my luvly mates as victims.. Jxt speechless my prayers are with you guys have better future in different directions.. May the almighty father see you through.. ???????

  • Oh my God…Hmm situations like this could create avenue for Suicide.Being in the University for years ain’t easy at all.. Even if a a person had used fake qualifications.it must be investigated before or immediately the student gets admission than to withdraw him or her in the final year.it really hurts. Please Spare them for Christ sake.and it could serve as warning or lessons for others.

  • This is one of the reasons why Ghana as a whole will never move forward. UDS is corrupt so as the applicants. They knew but kept them in bcos of their fees. Ryt from the start they shouldn’t be admitted. Bcos uds had had all the monies from them so they decided to lay them off. Its just a stealing strategy. Corrupt leaders. God save Ghana.

  • Where were they those same students went through a lot to get money to pay their fees from level 100 yo 400? Other parents went to the extent of getting loans to pay their wards fees and now that they r on the verge of ripping from their labout,they r being dismissed? Its unethical on the parts of management to allow such students pay fees for good 4yrs and barely less than 2 months to go they r being expelled.
    It will be more prudent for management to reconsider their decision and ensure that such thing never happen again instead expelling them.
    Thanks u

  • Per your submission, anybody at all should be able to fake results and gain admission into the university once they can pass all the university’s exams together with the referrals. Will that be okay? Remember, any court will first sentence the students in question even before the hearing of the case itself begins. Thank you.

  • U r right Rahma, in fact, not after the administration has finished spending that big amount of their school fees, which they would have used to start their business.

  • If you don’t have the qualification in the first place how then did you get into the university. So this is what they have been doing and people with very good grades but from poor families won’t even gain admission to study in universities. Well I think it will serve as a deterrent to others. The huge sums of monies paid all this four years though.

  • You may be right but the issue is, if they had followed dully instructions what they are experiencing wouldn’t have occurred.

  • The university did that because to serve as a deterrent to other students who want to make it life at all cost.

  • I’m 100% agreed with your opinion! this is what we don’t as a country and often face a lot burihahaa in our institutions.

  • yesooooo.Though it is painful to be sacked at this moment I think others will learn not to come in with fake results. I remember during my year in the university in 2003_2007 some of my colleagues were sacked like that.

  • I think this unfair bcos the said students passed their course throughout. If they had failed this would have been a genuine case and I think its high time we stopped denying others the opportunity to also participate in areas they have passion in just bcos of the so call grade. Maybe who knows those students might even be among the best students in their batch. Our strictness doesn’t help. Its the same students we prevent from reading medicine in our institutions in Ghana that go to study medicine outside Ghana and come as good and certified doctors. We need to take a second look at it becos it only lure students to focus on getting the requisite grade irrespective of the channel or routine.

  • So I believe these students knew that the results they submitted to the university on their admission form was not genuine and decided to go ahead with the intent of getting admitted. Then for me I think the university is right to punish them in this way only if you were in your right conscience and decided to falsify results and impersonate, two very big crimes, then what kind of tertiary institution products is the university producing to occupy higher seats in government offices. I am afraid that if such issues are overlooked and not coupled with serious punishments to deter others, then the future of the university and our beloved country Ghana is doomed. For me they deserve it because the university as part of its precautions and notices to students who purchase and fill admission forms, send a strong warning and notice about truthfulness and diligence in submission of authentic results to the university’s admission board. Some Ghanaians like playing too much with things that will have adverse effects on their future life. Falsification and impersonation according to the rules governing our country, and I believe most part of the world, is considered a huge criminal offence and culprits are sanctioned with imprisonment for so many years which is even greater than their four years of academic endeavour. Charley imprisonment also have a similar scenario of waste of time and life trauma, so if they were sacked and were not imprisoned on top, they should even be glad to the university. They digged their own big hole and they are now falling into it, why should people be begging and tagging the university as being unfair? Do you know because of their false admission someone with a better grade was not admitted? These people have also cause pain to others who sat down, toiled the whole night studying on their own to make good results only for the university to reject them admission and consider crude (impure) products. I believe if you were told that someone was admitted over you because his grades were better than yours and you sat down for so many years going for evening classes and writing remedials all with huge sums of money only for you to hear that, the guy who seized your chance of admission submitted fake results, my brother and sister, lets be fair, would you criticize, or praise the university? Lets all learn to do the right thing for the betterment of our own selves and the country.

  • The university need to adopt a system to verify students before admission, this will save the school, victims of such behaviour from financial losses and the country as a whole especially when such people find their way through undetected. But I must sympathise with my colleagues for what they are going through because it is not easy to go through all the hardship involved in university education only to be sacked at the end.

  • On what bases? The university reserves the right to victimize these students at the time she like because in the admission forms it is stated clearly that students with such cases will be dealt with appropriately. This means that they indeed were trying to test the strength of the schools integrity and therefore must be sanctioned without mercy, because they can’t say they are ignorant of the consequences of their art.

  • UDS, more vim!!! The university reserves the right to victimize these students at the time she like, because in the admission forms it is stated clearly that students with such cases will be dealt with appropriately. This means that they indeed were trying to test the strength of the schools integrity and therefore must be sanctioned without mercy, because they can’t say they are ignorant of the consequences of their art. That is the appropriate punishment to the proud and unhearkened Acans.

  • You and I did not actually see their said results, it might not be on poor performance, but Rather edited results or using another person’s result they have not owned. They wanted to prove that they are smart, these would have gone out there influencing other friends to do same because they were not caught. They should go home and swallow their tears as a bitter lesson to themselves. They should be spotted us black sheep.

  • No body is saying what they did is Good but it isn’t fair we are all humans and you are not going to like it if it was you please they don’t deserve that bad.

  • When filling forms, you are told to provide vivid information abt you if u do it in ur own way, u face the consequences, they didn’t identify the consequences and the time it will happen, when the students take the students to court, they will just waste their time. This is not the first time Uds is doing dat, the students should just do the right thing

  • It is high time we forgo this “Ghanaian sympathy” thing. Why can’t we be just? They are unjust to themselves. Provide your results and you provided something else. Who are you? A thief? These people will end up in big positions in the society and begin to cheat people. You and I will suffer if that should happen. Let this deter other people from using fake results to pursue a course. It deserves them right.

  • it so sad to sack someone during his or final year in an institution,my opinion is that, there should be a check on result during the process of applying of the school through the internet in case of any faulty in the result before someone can be apply to the institution.

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