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Wumpini Lagfu

Last night, I took this girl called Latifa [she is one of my many “friends”] to a Chinchinga stand. It was the eve of a her birthday, I just wanted to make her feel like a “somebody” After a couple sticks of meat and sausages, we took a walk towards my hostel. As we journeyed , we became engrossed in a passionate discussion about the breast and breast cancer – I started it. It was soo lovely. Without shame, I sincerely confessed my love for the breast and I my pledged my commitment to making sure that every breast I know stays healthy. She became so excited – frankly speaking, I don’t why. I told her everything there is to know about breast cancer – she, just like many others have heard of it but never really cared to know more. She was really touched as I explained, I could see it on her face. The most interesting part was when I told her about breast examination. At this moment, we were comfortably seated in my room. [Fortunately or unfortunately, my roommate was no where the to be found.] She became more curious. My breast has never been examined, she said.

Looking at her chest with my eyes wide opened and with a tinny smile on my face, whaaaaat, like seriously, are you kidding me, are you sure? – I queried. Yes, the nearest I come to breast examination is when I’m taking my bath – she responded. [ in my mind, I was like ooooii Naawuni, meaning: OMG]
Hmmm, things were getting very intense. That wasn’t my plan, though. I started the discussion with no malicious intentions but the way things were going, who am I? I had to subdue to my biological edges- hormones were really at work. So as a progressive mind, what could I have done? Because at any point in time we must move. Forward ever, backward never. Lol, Tooorrhh.

So I asked coyly, is there something I can do to help you because I really care about you and your breast and I wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen to the two of you – I mean, you and your breast. She became very shy but you know, she is human. I carefully explained my expertise when it comes to breast examination – she was convinced, so she agreed for me to examine her breast. Hmmm, I didn’t know how or where to start but I had to do something coz apparently I’m an “expert” So I told her to expose the distin for me to palpate – I said it humbly, softly and gently. To my utmost surprise, she just took off her top. Ooooii Naawuni, ka easy! God is truly the master of all Architects. Herr, I saw it with my very own two naked eyes. Breast with high esteem – it was standing very bold and firm. My hands began to shake, in fact, my whole body was shaking. I looked at my fingers and looked at the distin, I had no choice but to muster courage. Who wouldn’t?

As I raised my hands towards her chest. There was a tap on my shoulder. All I heard was “Wumpini, Wumpini, wake up, wake up, it is time for Fajr prayers” I raised my head and I saw my roommate standing beside me looking all wet. Obviously, he had already performed ablution. I wanted to curse him but for the fact that he was waking me up for prayers, I kept my cool. I looked down my lower limps and realized my pillow was in between my legs. OMG, that’s when I realized it was a dream.

Moral of the Story ?
October is the Month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s all in our own little ways, disseminate information about breast cancer.
Thanks for reading ?

[This Story was Written and published in October, 2017 (on facebook) by Wumpini Lagfu, student writer and a third year student of Doctor Of Medical Laboratory Science, UDS]

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