Six Votes Victory: “The Paradigm Shift” Celebrates In Grand Style-UDS Tamale Campus

Mr. Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman

The Paradigm Shift, one of the major force in the just ended SRC/NUGS election on UDS Tamale Campus and the winners of the SRC seat celebrated in grand style when their leader, Mr. Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman was declared president elect by the electoral commissioner after polls closed on the 16th of April, 2018 at around 7pm. They ensured that their slogan “Trust The Process” became the most popular slogan during the campaign.

Members of The Paradigm Shift erupted in to celebrations “horning” their cars and motorbikes as they rode around campus. One of the highlights of this year’s elections was that the presidency was won with a margin of six Votes by the candidate of The Paradigm Shift.

The president elect joined the celebration (in white sleeves)

The team in their celebratory mood arranged themselves to form the number six to symbolize and signify their victory.

The team also erupted in some serious dance moves and “jama” procession in front of the GUSSS Hostel on campus.

The Celebration continued the next day, class members of  the president elect wore white to continue the celebration.

Congratulations to The Paradigm Shift

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