Breaking News: SRC President Of Gbewaa College Of Education Has Passed On

Mr. Elisha salifu

Mr. Elisha salifu

It saddens our hearts as a medium for student affairs within the northern enclave to make it known to all and sundry about the demise of the current SRC president of Gbewaa College of Education in Pusiga, Upper East Region.

Reliable information reaching Campusnewsgh indicates that the Mr. Salifu Elisha, SRC President of the Gbewaa College of Education has passed on-this was confirmed by the PRO of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG).

Mr. Salifu Elisha, the deceased, was involved in a fatal motor accident around 11:30pm last night. He was a French student of the institution. He is believed to hail from Zebilla also in the Upper East region. He is a Christian by faith.

Mr. Salifu Elisha, The Deceased

The president of TTAG, Apam Jonathan had this to say on  social media (Facebook) upon hearing the demise of Mr. Elisha Salifu

“I think that the living usually mourn the dead sorrowfully and if you don’t take time to reason with them you may think that they are only sharing the pains of the dead. Let me tell you that we have always wondered how will it be to the dead now like he’s dead or what? But our most wondering thoughts are always like where will he or she go after here? And where will I go if I happen to be one in another day?  Brethren let’s seek forgiveness day in and out and try efforts to do the right things than keeping on  saying that our good deeds can’t take us to heaven. Practice them and see what the grace of God has for you. May your soul rest in paradise. farewell. Unimaginable!!!!!!!!”

Gbewaa College of Education is expected to host the National General Assembly of TTAG of which the late president played a major role.

Fuseini Inusah Akonsi ( Student, TACE) had this to say ..“It’s indeed a big blow to the college and the entire  teacher trainee colleges nationwide. Gbewaa College has lost a hero,  TTAG has lost a hero, the teaching fraternity has lost a hero and Ghana has lost a hero. Until we meet again, rest well in the bosom of the Almighty, Mr. Salifu Elisha”

Rest In Perfect Peace, Mr. Elisha, from the Campusnewsgh Team

Source: Campusnewsgh/Fuseini Inusah Akonsi( TACE/TTAG)

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One Comment

  • Gbewaa College of Education has lost a hero who was a selfless leader, brother and an advisor to many.
    He gave his life in the course of honouring an invitation .
    I clearly remember his last word to me the morning before he passed on;
    “It was a helicopter my brother ”
    He served as an SRC president in Navrongo Senior High School in the Upper East Region 2012/2013 and now an SRC president in Gbewaa College of Education .
    We the entire student of Gbewaa and Nabia eulogize you our beloved brother. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
    Fare Well Brother !!!???

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