Policy Priorities Of Sulemana Ishawu-Prof: UDS Wa Presidential Candidate




Colleague students in academia, these are some of the key POLICIES that I (SULEMANA ISHAWU-PROF) seeks to launch and deliver when  given the nod as SRC president of this great and noble council. Join me as I walk you through them.


The fundamental reason for which we are all in this institution is the pursuant of academic excellence. My leadership shall do all it takes to create the right atmosphere for our academic work. This is why I stand proud to announce my vision of ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE FOR ALL. Given the mandate, I shall ensure;

  • -The sustainable maintenance and sufficient   provision of furniture in all classrooms.
  • -The maintenance and provision of enough projectors.
  • -The sustainable provision of P.A. systems in lecture halls, auditorium and old campus.
  • -The supply of marker pens to classes and study groups.
  • -The change of old marker boards.
  • -The provision of functional fans and clocks in all classrooms.
  • -The lightening of all classrooms and campus.
  • -The introduction of WA UDS INTER-HALLS QUIZ, SPELLING-BEE AND DEBATE COMPETITION and empower our youth parliament.
  • -The introduction of WA UDS poets/writers award scheme.
  • -The introduction of an SRC certification scheme
  • -The introduction of an SRC academic magazine.
  • -A strong intervention in students results challenges.
  • -The promotion of a healthy relationship between lecturers and students.
  • -The procurement of generators as alternative source of power during lights out.


Wa UDS students are becoming increasingly concerned about their security, due to the increasing levels of crimes and lawlessness in the Wa municipality. There is a growing sense of insecurity in places where students stay. In their hostels, on their way to campus, students are living under siege from armed robbery and other crimes. There is a deep and profound yearning for greater sense of personal and public safety, and security for all students.  A PROF-WILLIAM led administration shall ensure that all students and their properties are protected regardless of gender, tribe, ethnicity, and language, religious or political beliefs. We shall ensure;

  • -The organization of regular stakeholder forum including security agencies, local authorities, the school authorities, chiefs and parents of communities hosting students, religious and educational leaders of communities hosting students, as well as the general student body.
  • -Petitioning of the regional authorities and security agencies, the office of the speaker of parliament and if possible the office of the president of the republic of Ghana demanding security for Wa UDS students.
  • -Introduction of the BIKE AT LECTURE PROTECTION INITIATIVE to protect students’ motor bikes at lectures.
  • -A strong collaboration with management and electricity suppliers to provide adequate lightening in and around campus.
  • -The organization of regular security counseling programs to admonish students against crime and those caught be made to face the full rogues of the law.
  • -The intensification of efforts to establish a POLICE DEPO around campus.
  • -The empowerment of WA UDS cadet and with incentives, logistics, professional training and further networking to explore and secure employment opportunities for them in advance.
  • -A healthy relationship between students and the school security personnel.
  • -Regular military patrol to places where students live.


UDS, a supposed pro-poor institution is now overburdening   its students with high school fees, levies and dues. Students upon struggle to pay this, are still taking for granted and there exist widespread hardship and suffering among the student populace. PROF-WILLIAM led administration shall ensure;

  • -A strong negotiation in the next   school fees to be paid in the best interest and affordability of students.
  • -Petitioning of the faculties of business and law as well as planning and land management, the office of the acting principal and the office of the vice chancellor demanding an immediate review of the development and workshop levies paid by students of these faculties.
  • -Strictly regulate the dues to be charged by departmental associations in the next academic year. So that no continuing student pay a departmental dues more than ghc30.00 and no fresh student pays more than ghc50.oo


The health system in the school is critical to our academic work and institutional development. The vision of team PROF is to see that the right to health of every student is guaranteed through our clinic with sustainable ability to deliver affordable, equitable and easily accessible healthcare. To realize this vision, team PROF will:

  • -Organize health promotion programs, scale up disease prevention strategies and improve access to curative and emergency services.
  • -Ensure that FOLDER acquisition is FREE.
  • -Secure service providers for the school clinic to enable students obtain drugs free of charge.
  • -Ensure regular spray of our traditional halls against malaria and other diseases.
  • -Provide assistance to accident victims
  • -Empower our campus red cross society with incentives, logistics and the professional training to discharge their FIRST AID responsibility to affected students especially accident victims.
  • -Provide enough chairs in our clinic and also establish lover benches around the clinic to accommodate students who may go to visit their patients.
  • -Initiate efforts to expand our clinic and to secure an ambulance to always convey students who may be involved in accident to health centers.
  • -Assist students renew their health insurance at a subsidize cost.
  • -Ensure that the school clinic is equipped with basic drugs, gloves, syringes, oxygen, anti-snake serum among others.
  • -Tackle the increasing incidence of cancer (breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers) through screening, diagnosis, early  detection and prevention programs


Transportation continues to remain one of our most pressing challenges as a university. SRC and other school buses have seized working, making students to struggle and spend a lot as and when they want to travel. Buses are not allowed into campus, making it tiresome for students going to and from lectures. Though the SRC buses are not working and for some students, they have never seen an SRC bus, yet we are all paying for them.  A PROF-WILLIAM led administration shall decisively tackle our transportation crisis through a short and long run approaches

  • -At the SHORT RUN, we shall re-negotiate with management to permit the TROTRO to enter campus. No matter management’s conditions, we shall adjust to ensure this is so long as it will be in students’ interest.
  • -We shall with managements permission, accredit about 10 tricycles popularly known as Mahama can do to convey students at ROZA PARK, KOMFABILA, CATHOLIC, HAVARD, BAPTIST, BRITISH, UPPER WEST and the other Halls afar to and from lectures at affordable cost.
  • Collaborate with the regional transport agencies and organizers of vacation union buses to secure affordable, conducive and security assured buses devoid of exploitation and disappointments to students going on vacation to all parts of the country.
  • -At the LONG RUN, we shall create a transportation account with UDS credit union for the saving of a reasonable percentage of the SRC dues as will be determined by the next G A.  This will enable us to buy a bus or buses in the nearest future without doing that on credit.


Team PROF’S vision is to ensure that our traditional Halls and hostels hosting UDS students within the municipality meet the needs and financial capacity of the ordinary UDS student. Given the mandate, we shall;

  • -Collaborate with the traditional Hall executives and tutors to maintain beds, card boards, and light, fun, kitchen, toilet and washroom facilities and provide new ones where necessary.
  • Commence the SRC HOSTEL REGISTRATION INITIATIVE in this coming holiday at Bamahu.
  • Ensure that rental fees in these hostels are affordable to students.
  • Ensure that security and other social amenities are provided in these registered hostels.
  • Advocate and further lobby for private partnership in the provision of more accommodation on campus through the BOT.


Sanitation in our classrooms, traditional Halls and around campus leaves much to be desired. This poses a great danger to our health. Given the mandate, we shall;

  • Organize sanitation programs to council students on how to keep our school clean.
  • Provide notice in classrooms in classrooms and around campus to keep students reminded about sanitation at all times.
  • Ensure the provision of additional dust bins around campus and further provide smaller dust bins to all classrooms to avoid classroom littering.
  • Advocate for associations to involve especially in their week celebrations, campus clean up exercises.
  • Ensure the provision of toilet facilities at lecture Halls and pavilions.
  • Ensure early moving or clearing of bushy pathways for safe and easy passage of students at the beginning of the first trimester.
  • Work in collaboration with Hall executives and tutors to strengthen sanitation in our traditional halls.
  • Spoilt pipes, showers and flashers in the hall toilets and washrooms shall be fixed.
  • Assist management, hall executives and course reps to ensure that our campus cleaners are on task at all times in cleaning our classrooms, halls and campus in general.


Nothing can unit us as students than sports. The development of sports will be a key plank in galvanizing us as students to appreciate institutionhood and patriotism. It has the potential of boosting the image of our school nationally and internationally. Unfortunately, Wa UDS is currently faced with myriad of challenges in all areas of sports. Lack of sports facilities, lack of funding, absence of logistics and incentives to sportsmen and women as well as poor management inhibit supports development and promotion in Wa UDS. Sports administration by management and SRC over the years evokes images of neglect, chaos, confusion, massive fraud, endemic corruption and a culture of impunity. Though part of our school fees and SRC dues are charged on sports, management and SRC have failed to invest in sports, resulting in the low motivation and morale of our sports men and women in the school. The absence of an immediate institutional framework for sports development and promotion continue to hinder the sports development in our school.

Under a PROF-WILLIAM led administration, sports development and promotion shall be prioritized. We shall pursue sports development by;

  • Collaborating with management to develop, review and implement an immediate institutional framework for the development and promotion of sports in WA UDS.
  • Collaborating with management, private agencies and sports agencies to establish MULTI-PURPOSE PITCHES AND COURTS.
  • Ensuring that all Halls and association as well as the general student body fully participate in sports.
  • Introduction of an SRC SPORTS AND CULTURE WEEK with a fantastic inter-hall matches and a beautiful inter-tribal cultural display.
  • Collaborating with our traditional Halls to maintain and renovate their existing sports facilities.
  • Empower the SRC sports committee to develop and promote sporting disciplines other than football, and to concentrate on the revival of our schools sports.
  • Providing the necessary sports equipment and materials as well as incentives to motivate and boost the morale of our sports men and women not only at GUSA games but all times.
  • By creating an SRC SPORTS FUND to support the financing of our sports.
  • Initiate and invest in an SRC SPECIAL WOMEN-IN SPORTS PROGRAMME to help unearth and support female athletes and sports talents in the school and beyond.
  • Awarding of certificate to active participating sports men and women.
  • Organizing series of friendly matches with sister tertiary schools across the country.
  • Helping our traditional Halls to maintain and provide DSTVs for students to watch their matches and further advocate for similar in SRC REGISTERED HOSTELS.


The modern academic world is knowledge-based and technology driven. For our institution to make strides in its development, information and communication enhancement must be essential elements in all aspects of the institutional development process. We shall be committed to promoting and leveraging the efforts of improving and extending WI-FI on campus, sustainable management our campus radio station, among others to transform our academic work. To realize this, we shall undertake the following;

  • Improving and extension of WI-FI to Hall 3, pavilions and making further effort to provide Wi-Fi at old campus.
  • Collaborate with traditional Hall executives and tutors to connect them provide them with WI-FI.
  • Sustainable restoration and management of Ultimate radio.
  • Provision of necessary machines and other logistics to Ultimate radio.
  • Provision of incentives and quality professional training to workers of Ultimate radio.
  • Collaborate with management to allow interested completing Ultimate crews to do their service at the school radio.
  • Extension of Ultimate radios coverage to the whole of Upper West.
  • Creation of an online radio for the rest of the world to listen to us.
  • Initiate the establishment of a campus television to promote our school and serve upper west and beyond.
  • Breach the long communication gap between students and management as well as student leaders through the CREATION OF A SUSTAINABLE DATABASE.
  • Initiation of WA UDS MAGAZINE
  • Mounting of big notice boards on campus and in Bamahu to provide students with adequate information and save aspirants and associations from cost and littering of our environment or facilities.


Corruption holds back our welfare, academic growth, shuts down our radio station, denies us buses, projectors, marker pens, fans, furniture, lightening in our classrooms and on campus, sports and  recreational centers, breads and inflates the cost of fees, levies and dues. It results in loss of legitimacy and respect for legally-constituted authority.

Corruption demoralizes honest students and fills them with uncertainty, mistrust and fear. It stifles initiative and creativity and dampens motivation. It undermines the merit system of rewards, appointments and success and it encourages mediocrity, laziness and incompetence.

SRC leaders over the years pay lip service to the fight against corruption. There is no real commitment to fighting corruption as the Audit committee, judicial board and Disciplinary committee either refuses to do their work or do so shoddily.

We cannot continue along this path if we are to build a secure, peaceful, welfare oriented and prosperous SRC for ourselves and posterity. TEAM PROF and its leadership commit to fighting corruption with renewed vigor, honesty and integrity. We intend to ensure that students’ funds are spent on their intended purposes. PROF-WILLIAM will fight corruption head-on through preventive, detective, corrective and punitive actions. We shall;

  • Publish every SRC expenditure to the student body and ensure that all departmental associations do same.
  • Deliver the STATE OF SRC ADDRESS at least once a trimester.
  • Organize STUDENTS ACCOUNTABILITY FORUM for SRC/NUGS and departmental association leaders to account to the student body.
  • Ensure that departmental associations are further audited by the SRC audit committee and school audit unit also audit the SRC.
  • Call for an immediate review of the DEVELOPMENT AND WORKSHOP LEVIES paid by students of SBL and FPLM.
  • Call for an immediate review and resolution of TEACHING PRACTICE AND LESSON NOTEBOOKS issues in the education department.
  • Request and publish a breakdown of our annual school fees to the student body.
  • Involve the auditor general and the media to help track and fight corruption within students and management.
  • Ensure a streamline of activities and a reduction in expenditure by SRC and associations especially during fresher’s night/welcoming and week celebrations.
  • Wage a comprehensive anti-corruption campaign in all aspects of students’ life, from group level through to management.
  • Ensure that the leadership of our traditional Halls remains accountable to their people through Hall forums and publications.
  • Decisively tackle corruption at the school radio station.
  • Strictly ensure that SRC/NUGS and associations receive prior approval from their G. As. before any expenditure.
  • Initiate legal moves to retrieve students’ monies under misappropriation either by current or past SRC/NUGS and association executives.


All work and no play they say make Jack a dull boy. This is the reason for which week celebrations are organized to give students the opportunity to release stress after a long period of academic activities. This I think should not be the only reason as we often see in our week celebrations. We need to add some meanings to these celebrations, meanings that we can get from programmes that are educative to us as students of a tertiary institution. What we often witness are not even week long celebrations, in fact the longest we get is three days. To have weeklong celebrations with meanings that befit us, we need to introduce programmes like workshops, seminars,conferences  etc and the funfairs to garnish the celebrations. We can also have an inter-departmental sports festival within the week celebrations.

My administration will liaise with a social service Non-governmental organization, to give an opportunity for the ‘Miss UDS’ beauty queen to become an ambassador of one of their projects in her reign. This will add value to the crown, thereby encouraging participation in the contest.

We shall:

  • -Secure permanent school entertainment gadgets to avoid continued hiring.
  • -Introduce GRANDAUNTS NIGHT socialization programme.
  • -Introduce INTER-CULTURAL DANCE in our week celebration.


We shall be committed to working with the office of the women’s commissioner to empower the ladies of WA UDS by ensuring:

  • -A 50% appointment of ladies to SRC committees
  • -The organization of regular women empowerment programmes.
  • – The organization of special medical screening and alert programmes on breast cancer others.
  • -The introduction of UDS LADIES MODELING PROGRAMME for our ladies to tour and inspire girls in basic and high schools within WA municipality.
  • -Strengthen female sports on campus with special incentives.
  • -Launch the UDS LADIES DAY initiative.
  • -Collaborate with the women’s commission to enforce all provisions regarding women in the constitution.





Our school is at the threshold of a new era; an era that beckons for a new kind of leadership; a leadership that is uncontaminated by the prejudices of the past; a leadership committed to change; a leadership that reinvents government, to solve the everyday problems that confront the average student.

My fellow Students in academia, this is why I’m in the SRC presidential race. I want to say to all of you, that SULEMANA ISHAWU (PROF) is the man you need to put WA UDS right. I am launching a campaign of ideas, not one of calumny. I stand to preach love, not hate. I want to break you away from divisive tendencies of the past which have slowed our drive to true institutionhood. I have no enemies to fight. You are all my friends and we share a common destiny.

Let the word go out from this page that PROF as President in 2018/2019 will herald a new era of transformation of our school; an era that will end the agony of insecurity on our campus. Let the word go out from here that I will be for the students of WA UDS, a President who will advance the students welfare agenda. Let everyone in this school hear that I shall strive to the best of my ability to improve upon our welfare.

Let the word go out that my plans for an improved students welfare will start with a decisive fight against corruption, which  will begin the journey for an economic restoration.* *This will put an end to mediocrity and incompetence in students leadership. Let the word go out that our academic sector will receive maximum priority in a new PROF administration, a priority that will ensure smooth teaching and learning.

Let all the armed robbers, criminal elements, and miscreants that put us in insecurity be ready for the fight that I shall give them. Let the ordinary WA UDS student be assured that President PROF will have zero tolerance for corruption. Let the whole school hear that today I have declared to lead a school that will engage them in mutual respect and cooperation for the achievement of institutional peace and understanding.

My dear good people of WA UDS , I got to this stage of the competition  by the power of God and the support of all WA UDS students; all ethnic groups, North, South, Muslims and Christians. I am in the race because of your support and prayers. I want all of you to know that I am one of you and I will never let you down! I want you to know that I will keep hope alive; I want you to know that your time has come.

I write to you today, humbly seeking your support for me, SULEMANA ISHAWU (PROF) , to be elected as the SRC President of WA UDS  with AMOAH WILLIAM  as my vice president.*

We will fight for JUSTICE!

We will fight for all WA UDS students to have adequate and comfortable furniture in classrooms, projectors, P. A.  Systems, fans, light and marker pens in our classrooms!

We will fight for a NO INCREMENT in our school fees and ensure a review of levies.

We will fight for a school sporting center!

We will fight to establish an SRC printing press, for all WA UDS students!

We will fight corruption! We will fight to protect all Students!

We will fight for improve Sanitation in classrooms and around campus!

We will fight to sustain ultimate radio

We will fight for your rights!

My dear colleague students in academia, give me your support, give me your votes and together we will fight to build a great SRC of our dreams!

I cannot end this speech without thanking you all for supporting TEAM PROF to this far. Your reception of our welfare message is a loud testimony of your support for us. For this I am very grateful. I pray that the Almighty God abides with you and see us through a peaceful election.

When you leave this page, tell all those who are not on it that as we celebrate our twenty-five years anniversary as an institution, PROF has come to pursue the students’ welfare agenda and I will never let you down.

Thank You.

May God Bless you!

And may God bless WA UDS!!




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