Manifesto Of Dangungong Clement: UDS-TLC SRC Presidential Candidate

Dagungong Clement

Dagungong Clement

Today’s manifesto marks an era of mental puzzle and lyrical presentation of comparative ideas that never escape the mental faculty of every academic worrier. But change is needed for the development of every nation, organization or institution and in this case university for development studies (UDS). But when this change brings nothing good but rather regrets ,retrogression and is considered questionable to the masses then we have to revisit our past customs, usages and conventions which have stood to the test of time to bring us this far.

On this note, Mr. Chairman, accurate man of the chronometer, fellow aspirants, colleague students, all protocol duly observed. Good evening to you. I want to begin my submission by saying a word from John F. Kennedy, US former president who once said “LETS NEVER NEGOTIATE OUT OF FEAR. BUT LET’S NEVER FEAR TO NEGOTIATE”. On this, we envisage to make UDS one of the greatest universities in Ghana by providing practical and realistic policies and programmes without any fear of negotiation.

Mr. Chairman, you would all agree with me that we all came here to achieve academic excellence. Any other thing is secondary to the aim. I will do my best to ensure that all issues affecting the achievement of this aim are adequately dealt with. It is an undeniable fact that students of this institution have experienced the impact of frequent lights out. This incessant lights out affects our lectures, mid-exams and ultimately during the period of examination preparations. This is the time to sing a new song to this problem.

The library block which serves the purpose of every student and every faculty needs to be powered with a power plant in solving a problem which is so dear to student’s hearts. UDS is beyond this; therefore team DC is informing the student body this day that they are going to provide and install a power plant of 66Kv for the library. This will go a long way to address our numerous concerns. Students can now study without fear of lights out, lectures can now go on without fear of lights out and students can also watch football without any fear. Isn’t this beautiful my dear colleagues and the best way to make UDS great?

Secondly, Mr. Chairman, the issue of insecurity on campus and around campus has become rampant of late. I belief every life is significant and should not be assaulted or threatened by any one. We intend to provide lighting on campus and around campus as a measure to curb insecurity. Let me also use this opportunity to say that we have our own defenders known as the cadet group. This group needs empowerment to ensure safety and security on campus. I am pledging to empower these young men with their necessities that can equip them in their pursuit to ensure security. Furthermore ladies and gentlemen, the issue of sanitation on campus cannot be underestimated. As health professionals and developers, we owe to ourselves the courtesy and respect of improving sanity on campus. I believe that the untidy nature of our campus can be curbed.

“Team DC” will provide more dust bins at designated areas for the reach of students to damp rubbish into them. Thanks to the incumbent SRC for establishing and specifying our mini market for us. We will ensure sanity around these areas to prevent the spread of diseases and other physical dangers. Accurate man of the chronometer, ladies and gentlemen, I want to add that we need improvement to the lovers benches mounted in the sun. We need summer hats in the improvement of this project. In fact other universities like KNUST and UCC can tell you how comfortable it is to sit under the shade of a summer hats to receive fresh air. It’s not beyond us, we can do it. Mr. Chairman, the unique color of this institution is green. The question I will like to ask is has any measure been put in place to make the university green? In fact, most institutions are recognized and respected by the nature of their environment. When given the nod, I will use my capacity as the SRC president in collaboration with other executives to make the university green.

That is, by planting and taking care of ornamental plants along all the pavements on campus. Students can be proud to take nice pictures of their institution; can you imagine the beauty of this? Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot leave here if I do not talk about us equipping our sports men and women in the discharge of their duties. In fact, there are some students with us who were admitted into the school to help promote sports. Administration has taken the responsibility to pay their fees. I believe that SRC can make life better for these energetic men and women who are lifting the name of our noble institution higher. This is one of my top most priorities when given the nod.

Penultimately ladies and gentlemen, we intend to solve water crisis on campus by making judicious use of the water project established by Hon. Taminu, our immediate past SRC president and even establishing a similar project at a designated location. Water will be regularly filled by the SRC in our quest to solving water issues. With these project, students will be allowed to fetch at a subsidized price. As the saying goes water is life. This is one of the judicious ways I in tend using our money. Let me quickly add that I will meet the constitutional duties with passion when I am given the nod.

I want to emphatically say that the above policies are not just a mere say to win your hearts but very practical, workable and realistic. In our local dialect it is said that before a blind man threatens to throw you a stone it means that he is already stepping on one.

To conclude, Mr. Chairman, accurate man of the chronometer, all protocol duly observed, I will end my speech by paraphrasing from the 48 laws of power, law 13 which says “coercion creates a reaction that will eventually work against you. You must seduce into wanting to move in your direction. A person you have seduced becomes loyal pawn. And the way to seduce others is to operate on their individual psychologies and weakness. Soften up their resistant by working on their emotions, playing on what they fear. Ignore the hearts and minds of others and they will grow to hate you.

Therefore, I owe the good people of UDS every duty and every standard of care to finding remedial measures in solving the above practical and realistic policies to make UDS one of the greatest universities in Ghana. Thank you.


Long live UDS

Long live GHANA

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