Manifesto Of Mahama Ussiv: UDS-TLC NUGS Presidential Candidate

Mahama Ussiv

Mr. Chairman, invited guests, fellow contestants, and the formidable student force gathered here for this splendid programme; before I move on to present my policies, I entreat all to join me acknowledge that we are here today in the greater interest of UDS. No particular individual is greater than UDS, so to speak. Summarily, my policies are targeted at fortifying benchmarks chalked to improve the welfare of all manner of people who come into contact with UDS for one or multiple reasons.

Leadership, in simple terms, is the exercise of proactiveness in a person looking forward to the future and striving for development and strength on its impact, the believe for positive change in the future by putting people first for change. As it is said, “Change is not spontaneous, it must be triggered,” and that is what I, MAHAMA USSIV, have triggered – change and readiness to take action. I believe strongly, that students are the backbone of change; and must be considered at the set line. I consider students first in all things.

I always want to maintain that we get on target to achieve purpose in everything on this our beloved University (UDS) campus. A man who wants to level a mountain should be involved in parking smaller stones. I have formidable and feasible policies to bring on board when given the nod. Please, remember to put it at the back of your minds, that people will come with vague promises of heaven on earth; but end up producing dust. On this note I will outline my policies in brief.

Below are the policies:


Creation of a Sick Bay / Mobile Clinic and Organize a “Mini Clinic” exercise, where students will undergo regular and routine medical check up to ascertain their true state of health (e.g. eye sight and dent) in collaboration with GHANA RED CROSS and SWISS RED CROSS. Assist through dialogue and negotiations for the Improvement of Sanitation on campus.


Facilitation of Entrepreneurship Training and Kickstarter of Business in Collaboration with EQWIPHUBS and Organize a workshop to train students on awareness of volunteerism, public speaking, CV writing, preparing for interview, proposal writing, etc. Lobby and source for funds to create summer huts and seating arrangement as study stands, at all designated leisure points on campus Organize the registration of SSNIT Scheme under the National Pensions Act 2008, Act 766 for Students on campus, and solicit for SSNIT Loan for Students – to cushion their educational expenses. Acquisition of Public Addressing System, Projectors and Wi-Fi for the convenience of student and campus life.

Street Lighting to help address the increasing insecurity on campus Be proactive in tackling and resourcing of Accommodation and related Issues. Lobby the MCE and the Member of Parliament of the constituency to look into the issue of erratic water supply for improved services. Lead in talking to the body responsible to release Results and Exams Time Table on time. Bring to the doorsteps of students the opportunity to apply for International passports, birth certificates and NHIS with ease, and to save costs for students. Organize a student forum, where students will have the opportunity to interact directly with the leadership of SRC/NUGS

I, therefore urge and call on you all to take the right decision – which, is endorsing MAHAMA USSIV AS OUR NEXT NUGS PRESIDENT (FOR A BRIGHTER UDS) – NEW VOICE AND NEW CHANGE. STUDENTS INTEREST MATTERS MOST AND WE BELIEVE IN YOU.

Mahama Ussiv has been commended for presenting a very realistic and achievable policies. He is #2 on the ballot.

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