Manifesto Of Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman: UDS-TLC SRC Presidential Candidate

Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman

The EC Chair, distinguished members of the commission, colleague aspirants, fellow students, all protocol duly observed. I am indeed honoured to be here today to be scrutinized by all of you herein gathered as an aspirant for the office of the SRC President. My name is Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman, Passionate by birth, humble by parentage and a student of UDS by way of a jackpot in heaven.

The time is here again where we as students shall be going to the polls to entrust our renewed hope once again into new crop of leaders that will be seeking to improve upon the fortunes of the immediate past administration. It has thereby become imperative that we aspirants endeavour to sell out our pragmatic plans and policies in the form of a  public declaration such as this,  that we believe when implemented or embarked  on shall indeed bring progress and not retrogression. I Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman, being a 3rd year medical student of this noble institution respectfully and passionately offer myself on this altar to read out my manifesto as I look forward to you giving me the mandate to serve as Your Next SRC PRESIDENT.

Let me use this opportunity to commend this administration for their effort in ensuring student welfare at an optimum level. However as humans, we must aspire to improve upon the status quo; something that I believe I can, I must and I will do. In spite of all the challenges that have bedevilled this Src we mustn’t sit back in our armchairs in despair but continue to live by hope because the reed tree doesn’t become an Iroko tree just by dreaming. In our attempt to invigorate the student Representative Council, we will have to Shift from some  conventional ways of doing things and that is what the Paradigm Shift will be bringing to the fore. We don’t  just want to be change makers merely because change is constant; No! The change we preach for must be a positive one and must be one that is evident in our ways of doing things and that is what I am offering you.

We must, as young and a aspiring leaders of tomorrow be concerned about our image today rather than thinking of how to fill up our pockets after winning elections. We must be inspired by the long standing proverb of a good name being better than riches. Leaving a lasting legacy etched in stone, is where I derive my inspiration and I am exceedingly convinced that with my strategic approach to our problems put herein before you, gainful strides would have been achieved by the end of my tenure in office, In sha Allah.

Our quest to making appreciable gains must be a collective one. Rather than being sentimental and spiteful, Let’s us all here as members of our own SRC  feel the responsibility of this rejuvenation exercise to offer useful suggestions as to how to get the best results. It is not a one man fight , it is a UDS fight!

Let me quickly delve in to the substance of the issue for which I am here.

I foresee a  formidable and resilient council that will restore hope yet again for the developer and also Shift the focus of SRC more to its basic responsibility as enshrined in the constitution of upholding student interest in all matters.

We will seek to restore confidence and belief of the student body once again in The SRC and its related activities

My strategic outline for the students of this noble institution have been carefully struck out in to 5 relevant thematic areas that will require consistent commitment to achieve. Often times aspirants have focused more attention on hoodwinking the unsuspecting voter with lofty and infantile promises without carefully assessing their feasibility.  Fear not with me because all the things I shall be mentioning here to you have been well and truly thought through not forgetting to make the necessary consultations that will ensure the fruition of our plans when you give me the nod.


The success or otherwise of every political administration in our democratic dispensation will depend on its approach to governance and that is going to be my first point of call

  • First of all we must as a developing institution eschew the concept of winner takes all politics by putting experienced and merited people In the various positions to work irrespective of their association or affiliation. I shall set up a committee to vet all appointed officials to be duly scrutinised before they are ratified and sworn in by the GA.
  • We must also take cognisance of the fact that being an SRC PRESIDENT of this institution last practically 8 months and not 12 as is widely thought. Hence we must seek to make good use of our executive council in the absence of the GA as stipulated in the constitution so as to expedite action on our work as SRC. This is going to be one of my pillars in my quest to ensuring a relatively progressive SRC.
  • I shall in agreement with the General Assembly set up an adhoc committee as Project Planning and Sponsorship so as to fast track projects and also to seek for funds that will augment our already existing monies.
  • I shall in my capacity as SRC President engage the administration on a very frequent basis so as to speed up the numerous bureaucracies involved in acquiring our own funds. This i believe will bring an end to last minute pitching unto projects.
  • I shall again in my capacity as SRC president ensure strict fiscal policy that will prevent inflation of budgets
  • Ensure effective grass root collaboration between class representatives and the SRC
  • I shall work to set up an SRC office
  • I shall work tirelessly to improve patronage of SRC related activities.
  • I shall acquire an SRC App for effective dissemination of information and fruitful dialogue
  • I shall restore the SRC website to make it functional for purposes of advertisement and promotion of our brand.
  • I shall demand and make public a thorough fee breakdown of our fees so we know what we are paying for.


    In the aspect of Academics, with education being a right, I shall

    • Partner with the administration to acquire a plant for the library block
    • Advocate for a 24 hour library during examination week
    • Repair fault air-conditioners, PA systems and Projectors
    • Advocate for a beef-up in stock of lecture room desks from the various faculties
    • Make available all the necessary information on the admission letter so as to inform newly admitted students adequately before arrival.


    I shall in my capacity as SRC president, with the issue of security

    • Embark on the Operation one hostel, one Street light
    • Operation one hostel, one security man
    • Augment effort by the hostels to light up dark areas by engaging the metropolitan assembly
    • Engage the schools cadet to frequently patrol campus so as to beef up security on campus. Lucrative incentives shall be given them so as to spur them on


    • Activate and equip the SRC welfare fund to be able to fend for the fees of brilliant but needy students
    • Frequent water filling of the polytank and distribution to alleviate the perennial water crisis
    • Complete already existing summer huts to provide shelter for our student baby mothers
    • Insist on a worthy rent from private hostel owners.
    • Fix faulty sockets in the lecture rooms and maintain all other necessary conditions in the classroom.
    • Organise capacity building workshops so as to strengthen our skills and abilities.


    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders in organizing fashion shows
    • Functional and Fully subscribed DSTV all year long for both campuses
    • Organise soccer tournament
    • Provide sportsmen and women Lucrative incentives to motivate them

    I present to you, fellow students my approach to a better SRC . Now the onus lies on you to make the choice, a choice of long lasting 8 months, a choice of no return. I know you would rather consider the greater interest of the student body than stoop low to the menace of supporting one because he is your friend or comes from your faculty. When you do, I’m without a shred of doubt convinced that you will go out on the 9th of April with the greatest decorum and compliance to endorse your affectionate Haruna Sachibu Abdul Rahman as your next SRC PRESIDENT. Let me hasten to add that an SRC President from the Faculty of Education is an SRC President for the University for Development Studies and nothing else. Let’s not be deceived; The Paradigm Shift is on the path of restoration. Kindly join us!

    Long live UDS

    Long live Ghana

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  • I am happy this aspirant stipulated obviously obvious in his manifesto that every SRC government lasts for 8 months and not 12 months. Howbeit, I’m sad and amazed to visualize some fragments of inconsistencies sandwiched in his same manifesto. These are nothing but honey-coated words presented in disguised. Deductively thinking into this matter, illuminates clearly that these are not realistic policies and hence can not be achieved within that 8 months. Imagine “one hostel, one security man, one hostel one street light”… Hahaha. These are unrealistic and students of this noble institution should deeply think twice. Do not follow any cheap promises. You can all read, write, think and analyze things critically. Students should not be carried on the wings of these incongruous cheap baseless flimsy promises. How much is one street light bulb? How much is one pole? How many hostels do we have on campus? Don’t forget he still has numerous points or so called goals unravel. Oh! My dear students ask yourself questions. My dear students let’s think and think.

  • That is your own mind. First I thought u were doing your analysis from a neutral point of view but it’s clear u bringing in propaganda. why is one hostel one street light impossible if src could buy 4 new buses which are no use to us in previous administrations. But we are talking about a basic need of every human which is security which I think is achievable once we elect the right leader.

  • Are you suggesting similar brouhaha which we all as students had over the 4 buses sometime ago, should evolve? Because the purchased of those buses incurred an exorbitant debt on us which students pay yearly as part of their school fees. So you see how clear it is that, you are suggesting additional neck breaking debt and brouhaha for students? Purchasing on credit is the only way this target could be met, even that, I’m afraid.
    This is not propaganda. Let’s all be free from our sentiments and face the matter head on. Let’s all do the statistics without any fear or cloudy emotions.
    Thank you.

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