1997 Old Boys Donate Ultra-Modern Sick Bay To Tamale Senior High School

1997 old tamascans

1997 old tamascans

Students and staff of Tamasco yesterday breathed a sigh of relief when the 1997 year group of the school donated an ultra-modern Sick Bay to the school authorities. The group established a well-equipped Sick Bay as part of their project to the school and pledged to work on converting it into a clinic that would serve the entire school and the community within the shortest possible time.

Dr. Abass Alhassan, a Lecturer at the University for Development Studies and a member of the 1997 year group, presented the keys of the facility to the Headmaster, on behalf of the group. He revealed that, his colleagues who are medical officers and are old students have promised to dedicate their time to service the Sick Bay until the facility is converted into a clinic. On his part, the President of the group, Mr. Sayibu Jabil (Apoo) informed the authorities that the idea to establish a Sick Bay was raised at a meeting and within the shortest possible time the idea is now a reality. He encouraged the school authorities to make good use of the facility to encourage more groups to adopt similar projects in the school.

The Headmaster of the school, Mr. Shaibu Wilberforce, thanked the group for the donation. He confessed that, he was really surprised that the group actually implemented the establishment of the Sick Bay because the building that houses the facility was actually earmarked for a different project. He therefore had his doubt as to whether the project would start soon. He repeated that, since he assumed office as Headmaster, there is no week that passes that the school does not receive donations from past students.

He praised the enthusiasm of that fraternity and urged them to continue that path. He used the opportunity to advise the current students to consider their academic work very serious so that after completion they would also be in a position to support their school like they are witnessing. He discouraged those of them who would like to use the facility as a resting place to desist from it.

The ceremony was attended by members of the School PTA, the Vice Chairperson of the Governing Board, old students, staff and students.

Source: Tudunews

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