Help Save A Life: Teacher Trainees Plead

Mr. Sakyi Komla

Mr. Sakyi Komla

 Information has reached from the leadership of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) that, one of its members in the person of Mr. Sakyi Komla Richmond needs donation from the general public to undergo surgery.

Mr. Sakyi Komla is a level 200 student of Jasikan College of Education in the Volta region but hails from Akwapim Dawu in the Eastern region of Ghana. He is suffering from a spinal disorder and he has to undergo an “Idiopathic Scoliosis surgery” to get back on his feet and for him to live a normal life.

Speaking with the PRO of TTAG, Mr. Ernest Adade said that, an amount of 46,018 Ghana Cedis is needed before Richmond can undergo the said surgery. So we’re pleading on the general public to help relieve this innocent teacher trainee- he added.

Mr. Komla Richmond, the patient, is said to have been initially admitted at the Focos Orthopedic Hospital inside Pantang Asokobi, Accra. Unfortunately, he has been discharged by the management of the hospital due to the inability of his family to pay the bills.

From the leadership of TTAG, all benevolent individuals,NGOs and stakeholders who would want to donate to save this innocent life can do so through the mobile money number 0549245112 with the account name KPORGBE RUDOLF ENAM.

For more Info, contact the numbers provided in the poster above

Campusnewsgh is with the fervent hope that, donations will come in for our dear brother to be relieved from this spinal disorder.

Source : campusnewsgh/Fuseini Inusah Akonsi

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