MELSSA EC Releases Vetting Results: Two Disqualified

The Electoral Commission of UDS MELSSA has released the results of its vetting proceedings held on Friday, the 2nd of March, 2018.

The commission per the UDS MELSSA constitution is responsible for all matters relating to elections in the association. Out of the eight who appeared for the vetting, Two have been disqualified.

One Mr. Sortour Paul Nuurdire (level 400, vetted for the position of Vice President) and Mr. Alhassan Farouk ( level 300, vetted for the position of Organizing Secretary) have been disqualified by the committee due to their in ability to secure a 50% score of the total points.

See the results below:

The Organizing Secretary position is now uncontested. The EC has to reopen nominations or an officer will be appointed by a new president to occupy that position.

This year had only eight students aspiring for the six positions. Only the presidency and the vice presidency have two contenders, there is no competition in the other five positions.

The EC has expressed their displeasure concerning  the low interest in the various executive positions. The UDS MELSSA executive committee is made of eight officers with two being elected by the president (The Editor in Chief and Health Officer). Six of the remaining positions are occupied by officers elected by the general membership of the association.

Source: campusnewsgh

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  • This is sad that students have lost complete interest in student politics. Could it be the poor performance of past executives or inferiority complex or the time is not yet up? Whatever it is, the future will decide.

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